5 Easiest Ways to Create a WA Business Account to Develop an Online Shop

In the past, to promote goods, it took extra work from making brochures to greeting potential buyers. However, the times have made things easier to do. One of them is the WA business service so that customers know the list of merchandise through the catalog. How to create a business WA account is also not too complicated and doesn’t waste a long time.

The appearance of a business WA account profile will be very different from a regular account, such as catalog lists, sales locations, to opening hours that are useful for online shops. Broadly speaking, there are 5 steps that need to be considered to create a business WA account. From setting up a new profile to providing instant message replies when needed, here’s an explanation:

Installing the WhatsApp Business Application

A business WA account basically has additional features that are different from the WhatsApp application in general. For this reason, before creating a business WA account, you should start by downloading the WhatsApp Business application on the Play Store. The initial appearance of this application is the same as chat applications in general.

The WhatsApp Business service found on the Play Store is marked with a B icon, different from the appearance of WhatsApp in general. This chat application received a rating of 4.2 and has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. The file size is fairly light, so the application is easy to run on a smartphone.

Registering a Business Account

The next way to create a WA business account is by logging in using a mobile number that is always active. This is so that potential customers are not confused when they will contact. The number registered as a business account can be a previous mobile number or use a new number specifically to interact with potential buyers.

Complete Profile

Profiles are one of the things that distinguish the features on WhatsApp Business. How to create a business WA account is followed by completing a profile so that potential buyers can see it later. To complete the data, users can visit the settings menu and select Business Settings, and click the Profile section.

Fill in the data according to the actual information, including the business name, type of business, address details, email to contact, and catalog of goods sold. Make sure the catalog is filled out clearly, such as item names, specifications and prices, and easy-to-understand ordering methods. So that potential customers do not need to ask twice when they want to order.

Checking Profile Completeness

Before a business WA account is shared, it’s a good idea for the user to re-check the data that has been filled in. Because, these details will later be read by many people who see the WA business profile. To re-read the completeness of the data, users can see it in the Settings section and select Business Settings.

Setting Up Automatic Messages

When the WA business account has been widely spread, it is likely that the number will be contacted frequently by many potential buyers. To shorten the waiting time for a reply, business WA users can take advantage of the quick reply feature to reply to general conversations. Like questions about opening hours, or whether or not you can deliver goods.

On the settings menu, select Business Tools and click Quick Replies. Add instant messages by pressing the (+) icon, then save the results of the new message to be displayed to potential buyers. This quick reply option will make it easier for users when they want to reply to incoming messages but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Those are 5 ways to create a business WA account that is easy and won’t take a long time. The features contained in the account, will allow the seller to respond to customers quickly. So that both customers and prospective buyers will be comfortable and have no doubts when they want to shop with sellers who have business WA accounts.

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