IndoXXI Has Been Blocked, Netizens Are Now Busy Looking For Other Alternatives

On January 1, 2020 the other day, the unlawful movie streaming website IndoXXI was formally removed. Because the Ministry of Interaction and Information has contacted IndoXXI to instantly erase the website permanently.

The closure of IndoXXI itself had welcomed debate for a variety of individuals in Indonesia. Many say that they can no much longer watch movies free of charge which will certainly decrease their entertainment in your home.

Presently, many netizens are busy looking for alternative websites from doolix that can still be accessed. It can be seen that many netizens have managed to find new links from the IndoXXI website on the web, also having actually the same name and internet layout as the initial website which is presently shut.

Based upon INDOZONE’s monitoring on the website, it shows up that the website called IndoXXI is back with the newest movies that users can watch free of charge. For instance, the movie Ip Guy 4: The Ending, and Celebrity Battles: The Rise of Skywalker which was simply launched recently.

Of course this proves that the Indonesian federal government isn’t very effective in dealing with unlawful streaming websites such as IndoXXI. Because websites such as that will definitely show up although their domain name or link is obstructed.

Because IndoXXI itself doesn’t store any information on its website. All unlawful movies available on the website all come from 3rd parties that provide them for free for websites such as IndoXXI.

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