If you are new to the world of SEO, you must be asking what is PBN? Here I will briefly explain the meaning of PBN, as well as the benefits that can be obtained.

PBN stands for Private Blog Networks, a network / collection of several blogs whose job is to provide backlinks to a page (page) so that the page can have a good reputation in the eyes of Google and its keywords can rank on page one.

Further Explanation About PBN

In practice, when you have several blogs or websites, then the first blog provides a backlink to the second blog (both of which are yours), then it can also be said as the practice of creating backlinks on PBN.

Or when you have a community, then ask for backlinks from friends in the community, it can also be said as the practice of creating backlinks in PBN.

If a more specific definition of PBN is something like this:

Create a special blog that is designed to create backlinks to certain websites.
Only you have access to these blogs.

PBN Benefits

The main benefit of this PBN is that it can rank the main keywords on our main website (money site).

There are two general benefits of PBN..

  1. Backlinks can’t be imitated

His name is also private, competitors will know you can get backlinks from anywhere. Can be peeked using Ahrefs or Semrush.

But yes they can only stare and scratch their heads

It’s not like profile backlinks or comment backlinks that competitors can imitate.

  1. Faster Link Building

Creating contextual backlinks is usually done in two ways:

Paid post

Paid post it costs us too to get backlinks from real blogs. Generally the price is more expensive, now the average paid post price is above IDR 300,000. Some are IDR 500,000, some are IDR 1,000,000.

If the outreach is a PDKT process via email to ask for a backlink to be included so that the articles made by the blog owner are more relevant and interesting. Gratitude if accepted (allowed), often rejected

By using PBN, the cost is relatively cheaper and you just have to wait (if you use a service), or make it yourself (if the PBN is managed yourself).

Advantages of PBN in Kedai PBN

There are at least three advantages of PBN that Pushrank offers.

  1. Quality Aged Domains

Generally, Jasa PBN use aged domains as PBN ammunition, but not all services provide quality aged domains.

Please check the front page for examples of quality domains that Pushrank uses.

  1. There is Traffic

At Pushrank, the blogs have real traffic, they are alive and have visitors.

We create content using real research and writers, original content.

If you get a backlink from a live website, it will have a good impact on ranking on Google.

  1. Safe from Footprint

Footprints are a kind of recognizable pattern, usually visible from the same or similar things. It’s a bit difficult to explain, try checking on Google about the meaning of SEO footprint.

We use different servers, automatically the IP addresses are also different, then the different ones are:

Whois data
Location (US, Singapore, France, etc.)

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