Must Be Imitated, 3 Business Ideas that are Booming in South Korea

Business ideas can come from anywhere. Even from other countries though. It could be that the current trend in other countries can also be trending in your country, you know. In the era of sophisticated technology as it is today, Nothing Impossible.

South Korea, as you know, this country is loved by many people, including Indonesians. For example, the Kpop trend. It’s getting more and more crowded. There’s nothing wrong with trying to build a business like what’s happening in Korea. With the method (Observe, Imitate and Modify) you can start your business. You can choose many things, from Fashion to F&B. Here are some popular businesses in South Korea that you can do.

Fusion Food

This one business is really hype in South Korea. Along with the increasing street food and café business in this country. So, to still be able to stand out among the many food businesses there, many culinary businesses create fusion food menus, which are combinations of two or more types of food. This is one of the culinary business strategies there.

You can apply it to your business. You can combine Korean food and Indonesian food, for example. Or you can also use the specialties of other countries according to your taste. But, keep in mind, you also have to adapt your menu to the tastes of the market.

Unique Jacket

Fashion trends in this ginseng country are indeed endless. As a country with 4 seasons, of course the jacket is one of the most needed fashion during winter and autumn. However, as a country with high fashion standards, jackets are not just jackets.

Unique jackets with various decorations with contemporary and urban styles are widely used by young people in Korea. Can be screened, embroidered or painted directly. The most important thing in this business is creativity. Unique ideas in drawing and a high passion in the world of fashion are the keys to success in this business. For example, you can use batik elements as the hallmark of your jacket.

YOLO Trend

The number of Koreans who are reluctant to date and even get married, is actually used as an opportunity for business people. Your Only Live Once or YOLO trend is a term for Korean people who are too independent and feel they don’t need to depend on other people or partners.

Because of this trend, many f&b entrepreneurs have built cafes or restaurants specifically for single people. There is also a wedding organizer who makes special pre-wedding photo packages for single women in bridal attire.

Who says this kind of business is difficult to implement in your Country? Many people like unique and new things. Different things can certainly attract a lot of attention as long as you are good at managing the marketing strategy.

How? Interested in trying one of the businesses above? Good Luck!

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